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Structural integration (including Rolfing)

Structural integration aligns, balances and lengthens the body by pressing into the connective tissues of the body and maneuvering them back into place.

Can Rolfing help with arthritis and a degenerative disk in the neck area pinching a nerve?

Minki Kim (Astoria, NY) on Mar 19, 2012
Hi, I emphatically answer your question with a big YES! As long as your arthritis is not acute, or in a subacute stage, then Structural Integration or any other form of bodywork will benefit you. It can reestablish mobility in your joints and the rest of your body and reduce the stresses that cause future flares. Generally speaking, it depends on the stage of severity of the arthritis. As for the degenerative disk, Structural Integration is a highly effective modality to restore tissue hydration and also to rebalance and realign your cervical vertebrae so it won't pinch nerves. The results are far more longstanding if the entire body is aligned and supported within the field of gravity, and forms a deeper, healthier organization from head to toe. Best of luck to you! To your sound body and mind, Minki Kim
Anne Hoff (Seattle, WA) on Nov 23, 2011
Rolfing SI cannot recreate the disk, but one of the main effects of the work is decompression, or creating space. If there's more "space" in the neck structures, then there should potentially be less pressure on the nerve.