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Spray tanning

A professional spray tan can look natural and last seven to 10 days before fading.

Sample Prices

  • Miami, FL: - Booth tanning walk-in - $30; 2 for $50, 5 for $100
  • Atlanta, GA: Full body airbrush with body contouring - $75; Full body airbrush - $65; Partial (no torso, breasts, or butt) - $45
  • Beverly Hills, CA: Full body airbrush - $45
  • Detroit, MI: Full body airbrush - $35; Upper body - $20; Lower body - $15; Face only - $10
  • New York, NY: Half body airbrush - $58; Full body - $90; In-home full body - $250
  • Chicago, IL: Full body airbrush - $45, 5 for $200, 10 for $375 In-home service - $60

Spray Tanning Cost

Spray tanning can be accomplished in one of two ways - either by airbrushing by hand or with the use of a spray tan booth. Airbrush spray tans range from $35 to $90 and are generally more expensive than spray tan booths, which cost between $20 and $30 per session. Prices may be higher in major cities.

With hand airbrushing, a technician sprays the tanning solution on the skin by hand. Hand airbrushing can be applied on the entire body, half the body, or the face only. Full body airbrushing costs $45 to $90, whereas a half-body treatment (typically just arms, chest and legs) can lower the price to between $25 and $50. Tanning the face alone costs $10 to $30.

Spray tan technicians can also "contour" the body, a technique in which shading is used to give off the illusion of a slimmer physique or defined abdominal muscles. This service can usually be added for $10 to $15. Keep in mind that this illusion is more effective in photographs than up close.

Though airbrush tanning is often performed at a spray tan salon, there are also many professional technicians who travel to client's homes. At-home spray tanning usually costs between $60 and $250, depending on the technician's reputation and whether they lug tanning supplies to each appointment (like a portable spray tan tent).

Spray tan booths deliver an all-over mist that coats the body. Booths can't be used to selectively target parts of the body Some spray tan salons charge an additional fee of about $10 for the darkest colored spray tan shade, number 3. (The shade of fake tan addicts like reality TV darling Snooki is the result of "double dipping," the reapplication of sunless tanning within 48 hours.)

Some salons sell an additional service called "pH optimizing," which supposedly makes skin more receptive to sunless tanning. It is currently unproven.

How to get spray tanning: Spray tans can also be applied by spray tan technicians. This experience is more personal, allowing you to work with a tanning expert to bronze your body. A professional spray tan technician can help you determine how dark of a tan you want beforehand.

Some technicians choose to work in a partially or fully enclosed spray station, something like a plastic bubble, which helps to contain the mess of the procedure. The tanning spray is delivered via handheld airbrushing that looks a lot like a blow dryer. The tanning technician can adjust the width of the airbrush. A skilled tanning tech can contour the appearance of body areas like the stomach to give the illusion of a toned appearance.