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South Beach Diet

While some diets eliminate carbohydrates altogether, the South Beach Diet does neither. The South Beach Diet seeks to simply replace "bad" carbs and fats with ones that are "good" for you.

Benefits Of South Beach Diet

Many nutritionists laud the diet's inclusion of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean protein and even small portions of dark chocolate. The South Beach Diet does not eliminate major food groups—a refreshing attribute when it comes to diets.

Physical activity is also encouraged, which, when combined with the diet, should result in weight loss (eight to 13 pounds in the first two weeks), as well as a noticeable increase in energy.

The South Beach Diet is also known to lower LDL—"bad"—cholesterol, raise HDL—"good"—cholesterol, and control triglycerides, which are fats that circulate in the blood.

Keep Your Carbs

If you still enjoy the occasional bowl of pasta or veggies with brown rice, take heart. While the South Beach Diet does require a slight restriction of carbohydrates, it is not considered a no-carb program. In fact, almost 30 percent of your daily calories should come from carbohydrates like fruit, vegetables and whole grains.

Banish Belly Fat

According to the South Beach Diet's creators, it may be possible to lose between eight and 13 pounds during the initial two-week phase. Better yet, most of that weight should come off of the midsection. A weight loss of one to two pounds per week is likely after this first stage.

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