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Silikon 1000

With Silikon 1000, a cocoon of collagen grows around the liquid droplets. When used correctly, the collagen globes can cushion your lips, cheeks, and chin, and fill wrinkles and scars.

Silikon 1000 Side Effects

When injected responsibly, the side effects should be no worse than temporary bruising, redness, swelling, and-in the advent that no anesthetic is used-soreness. Even when properly injected, Silikon 1000 can cause more serious side effects like granulomas (caper-sized lumps), cellulitis (inflammation of connective tissues), and ulceration (skin ruptures). These side effects are rare, but they do occur.

Who shouldn't use it: Liquid silicone should never be injected into the breasts or buttocks. If you're considering using Silikon 1000, you'll be pleased to hear that no prior skin testing is required, because the fluid doesn't interact with your immune system (your doc might call it immunologically inert). In fact, silicone oil is actually found in hair conditioner, shampoo, and hair gel.

Drawbacks: There is no nonsurgical way to reverse the effects of Silikon 1000, so be sure to think carefully and pick an experienced practitioner before you undergo the procedure. Inject too much at once, and you can end up permanently overfilled. Introducing large quantities of liquid silicone runs the danger of infection and knots of hardened tissue, called granulomas.

Recovery Time For Silikon 1000

There is no downtime after Silikon 1000 injections. Bruising and temporary redness can take three to seven days to subside.

After care for Silikon 1000: Silikon 1000 droplets are placed very precisely. Massaging the area could cause the injections to migrate. Keep your hands off your face, and let the filler do the work.

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