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Silikon 1000

With Silikon 1000, a cocoon of collagen grows around the liquid droplets. When used correctly, the collagen globes can cushion your lips, cheeks, and chin, and fill wrinkles and scars.

By Zeel Editorial Staff, Last updated: April 19, 2018

Treatment Basics

Manufacturer: Alcon Laboratories; Fort Worth, Texas

There are many dermal fillers that promise to whisk away wrinkles and plump your puny pout, but few have permanent results. Silikon 1000 is a medical grade silicone oil used to permanently add volume. The oil is made of silicone, oxygen, and methane molecules, about the thickness of honey or oil. This flexible fluid can be injected under the skin with ease.

What It's Good For

Doctors use Silikon 1000 for reasons other than why it was approved - to smooth wrinkles, raise acne scars, and plump up lips, cheek hollows, and your chin. Silikon 1000 is medical grade silicone oil that refills nasolabial folds and acne scars. As a plumping agent, Silikon 1000 is primarily used in the lips.

Recommended Uses
Name Description Cost
Thinning lips Medical grade silicone oil Silikon 1000 is used off-label as a permanent filler for lips. Silikon 1000 is injected into the lips in “microdroplets” - very small injections of .01...more One syringeful will cost between $400 and $800, and one syringe is usually all that is...more

Who it works for: Siilikon 1000 is a permanent treatment. It should only be used if you are absolutely positive that you want a filler that can never be removed. Make sure to work with an experienced and conservative practitioner.

Recommended age range: Silikon 1000 is not bound by age limitations, however, bear in mind that silicone is prohibited for breast implants in patients under 22 years old.

When will I see results?: It takes three to nine months to see the plumping effects of Silikon 1000. Once the silicone is introduced, your skin automatically reacts by enveloping each droplet in a protective bubble. The casing not only plumps up over time, it also keeps the silicone oil into place, preventing the filler from migrating to another spot on your body. Return to your physician every month or two so that microdroplets of Silikon 1000 can be added until the desired results are achieved. Do not overfill or expect immediate results.

How long it lasts: Silikon 1000 is a permanent dermal filler. The results last more than two decades.

Key benefits of Silikon 1000: Silikon 1000 doesn't require pre-treatment allergy testing.

Licensed uses: Liquid silicone was banned in 1992, but the FDA reapproved a product called Silikon 1000 in 1997. Silikon 1000 is officially approved for the ophthalmic correction of detached retinas, though doctors can use an approved treatment for any purpose.

Did you know?: Marilyn Monroe-esque figures were all the rage after World War II, so Japanese doctors began experimenting with silicone injections to increase busts. But these physicians weren't using medical grade silicone like Silikon 1000. These poor women were pumped up, frighteningly enough, with industrial silicone used in furniture polish and car engines.

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