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Silikon 1000

With Silikon 1000, a cocoon of collagen grows around the liquid droplets. When used correctly, the collagen globes can cushion your lips, cheeks, and chin, and fill wrinkles and scars.

Before You Go

Questions to ask your doctor:

  • How many times will I need to return in order to obtain the lips I want?
  • What less permanent fillers may be a good starting point, before committing to a forever fix like Silikon 1000?

Pre-procedure prep for Silikon 1000: Avoid aspirin and Vitamin E supplements for two weeks prior to your appointment to avoid bruising at the injection site.

On the day of treatment: As with any injection, you'll want to go to the doctor's office with a clean, fresh face. No makeup, no products - just your natural skin.

What To Expect

Your physician will use a "microdroplet" technique, making tiny 0.01 mL injections. The amounts are very small to prevent accidental overfilling, since silicone is permanent and will never disappear. When droplets of Silikon 1000 are injected under your skin, a cocoon of collagen grows around the silicone substance. This new collagen can potentially cushion your lips, cheeks, and chin, or fill wrinkles and scars.

Who should do it: Look for a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist. Before using Silikon 1000, do your research. You may be offered Silikon 1000 in salons, spas, and other non-medical settings. These venues don't guarantee quality control, sterility, or for that matter, proper training or experience by the injector.

Silikon 1000 should be administered in a medical office by a licensed physician.

Duration: Your appointment can take about 30 minutes.

How Painful Is It?

Silikon 1000 injections are generally tolerable, but numbing cream can be used ahead of time to block pain. On a pain scale of one to 10, Silikon 1000 injections rate about a three.

Options for anesthesia: Ask your physician about a local anesthetic to numb the injection site if you're jumpy with needles.

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