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Selphyl is an injectable filler that uses a person's own blood to plump up the skin and reduce wrinkles.

Selphyl Side Effects

Swelling, irritation, and inflammation can occur at the injection site, lasting no more than two or three days. No other reactions have been reported, though the procedure is very new.

Who shouldn't use it: Be cautious if you have a low platelet count or blood clotting disorders.

Drawbacks: If you're not a fan of having your blood drawn, you won't enjoy the Selphyl procedure.

Recovery Time For Selphyl

You'll be able to return to work right afterward, though you may be a tad swollen from the injections for a few days.

After care for Selphyl: If your doctor recommends more than one treatment, you'll need to schedule the next appointment for four to six weeks later.

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