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Ruby Laser

The QSRL penetrates just one millimeter under the skin, heating and destroying tattoo ink so it can be naturally flushed from the body.

Ruby Laser Side Effects

The treated area can become dry, swollen, blistered, and crusty. Irresponsible use of the device can burn the skin. The ruby laser is known to cause inflammation and hyperpigmentation in patients with dark complexions.

Who shouldn't use it: Ruby lasers are not meant for individuals with medium to dark skin tones, ranging from III to VI on the Fitzpatrick scale.

Despite its name, the ruby laser is not intended for red-colored pigment concerns, like vascular lesions or tattoos of the American flag.

Individuals with sensitive skin or active infections on or near the treatment site should avoid ruby laser devices.

Drawbacks: Ruby lasers must never be used to treat medium to dark-skinned people.

Recovery Time For Ruby Laser

Ruby lasers have no downtime. Swelling and dry skin can last one to two weeks, but you won't have to take any time off after an appointment.

After care for Ruby Laser: Use moisturizing creams for one to two weeks and between treatments to hydrate your skin and decrease scarring.

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