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When used topically, Retin-A treats whiteheads, blackheads, and general symptoms of acne.

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5 questions have been asked and answered by our network of professionals about Retin-A

I was using retin-a but stopped. The area above my lip is very red dry and a little swollen because of the cream. How do I fix this?

Posted on Mar 23, 2012 Latest answer by Mar 23, 2012 Valerie Goldburt, dermatologist

Can one still have microdermbrasion treatment while using Retin- A?

Posted on Nov 8, 2011 Latest answer by Nov 8, 2011 Shohreh Vaziri, aesthetician

Will Retin-A help fade aging brown spots?

Posted on Oct 7, 2011 Latest answer by Oct 23, 2011 Robert Strimling, dermatologist

will Retin-A help to remove the red marks left behind after acne?

Posted on Aug 19, 2011 Latest answer by Aug 19, 2011 Jody Levine, dermatologist

How long does it take for Retin-A take to work?

Posted on Sep 1, 2011 Latest answer by Sep 1, 2011 Robert Strimling, dermatologist