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Rembrandt Form Fit

Rembrandt Form Fit Whitening is an over-the-counter tooth bleaching kit. Peroxide and fluoride strips (as opposed to trays) help to brighten stained or yellow teeth.

Rembrandt Form Fit Side Effects

Rembrandt Form Fit can increase tooth and gum sensitivity. This should decrease after your last Form Fit application.

Who shouldn't use it: Rembrandt Form Fit can only be used on natural teeth. Teeth with crowns or bridges are out of luck. Rembrandt Form Fit may not be ideal for individuals with gum disease or receding gums.

Drawbacks: Rembrandt Form Fit is not as effective as dentist-provided bleaching.

Manufacturer warnings: Ingredient List: Pvp, Water (Eau), Peg-8, Acrylates Copolymer, Hydrogen Peroxide, Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose Phthalate, Disodium Pyrophosphate, Sodium Saccharin, Sodium Stannate, Disodium Edta, Sodium Hydroxide, Aroma (Flavor)

Recovery Time For Rembrandt Form Fit

There is no downtime, though you may not wish to leave the house when the strips are affixed to teeth.

After care for Rembrandt Form Fit: Brush and floss your teeth to maintain a healthy white smile after you've completed the five-day Rembrandt Form Fit treatment plan.

Repeating the whitening treatment using Rembrandt Form Fit strips every six months can help maintain results.

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