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Rembrandt Form Fit

Rembrandt Form Fit Whitening is an over-the-counter tooth bleaching kit. Peroxide and fluoride strips (as opposed to trays) help to brighten stained or yellow teeth.

By Zeel Editorial Staff, Last updated: May 18, 2020

Rembrandt Form Fit is a set of teeth bleaching strips that rids teeth of stains and discoloration. At-home bleaching strips are ideal for yellow teeth. Gray teeth are often caused by aging or dead nerves and may require a more permanent treatment like veneers.

What It's Good For

Rembrandt Form Fit attacks surface level stains—those that result from wine, colas, tea and other bright fluids and food. At-home whitening strips are better for altering the color of yellowed teeth than gray. Gray teeth, which are often caused by nerves that have died, may require a permanent treatment.

Who it works for: The Rembrandt whitening system is especially well-suited to people with surface stains from smoking and dark-colored food and drink.

Recommended age range: Rembrandt tooth bleaching can be used by people of any age.

When will I see results?: If you've followed the instructions to a T, then teeth will be whiter once the five day treatment plan is complete. Tooth enamel will gradually lighten over the course of the treatment. While your teeth will definitely get lighter, individual results are unpredictable, despite what you anticipate from the shading chart.

How long it lasts: Using Rembrandt Form Fit every six months can help prolong the results of your Form Fit treatment.

Key benefits of Rembrandt Form Fit: Rembrandt strips are waxy (some people describe them as chewy) and adhere to your teeth with less slippage than other whitening strips. Rembrandt Form Fit can be used at home at a relatively low cost.

Licensed uses: Teeth whiteners like Rembrandt Form Fit are not considered drugs and don't require FDA approval. Rembrandt's whitening toothpaste was approved by the American Dental Association in October 2000.

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