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Radiesse is a long-lasting, calcium-based filler that is used to plump up and fill in the skin.

Radiesse Side Effects

Bruising is possible after injections of Radiesse. There is also a rare complication where small rocky clusters known as granulomas appear just under the skin, and if they don't disappear, they could require steroid treatment or surgical means to remove (thus negating the whole non-invasive concept).

Who shouldn't use it: Radiesse is a hypoallergenic substance, meaning it shouldn't cause an allergic reaction. However, glycerin allergies should be a red flag. Radiesse can cause an adverse response if you have a history of anaphylaxis. The injections have not yet been approved in pregnant or breastfeeding women. Radiesse should never be used in the lips. If you plan on having a nose job in the future, then Radiesse can't be injected around your nose.

Drawbacks: Radiesse cannot be dissolved if misapplied. It can't plump lips or treat eye wrinkles.

Recovery Time For Radiesse

The newly Radiesse-filled area can feel puffy, itchy, and tender for 24 to 48 hours afterward, but most patients are comfortable returning to work and daily activities right away.

After care for Radiesse: Once injected, Radiesse is a low maintenance procedure and requires touchups after about a year or so to sustain the results.

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