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Radiesse is a long-lasting, calcium-based filler that is used to plump up and fill in the skin.

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4 questions have been asked and answered by our network of professionals about Radiesse

Can Belotero be injected under the eyes 12 months after receiving Radiesse in the same area?

Posted on Jul 25, 2012 Latest answer by Jul 25, 2012 Nelson Novick, dermatologist

Can Radiesse be used to fill large acne scars?

Posted on Oct 24, 2011 Latest answer by Oct 24, 2011 John Obi, plastic surgeon

Can the calcium hydroxlapatite in Radiesse cause calcium oxylate kidney stones?

Posted on Aug 25, 2011 Latest answer by Oct 23, 2011 John Obi, plastic surgeon

How long should the swelling from a Radiesse treatment last?

Posted on Aug 19, 2011 Latest answer by Aug 19, 2011 Krystie Lennox, aesthetic extender