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Prevelle Silk

Often thought of as a "starter" filler, Prevelle is slightly thinner than other popular dermal fillers.

Before You Go

Questions to ask your doctor: Is it possible to get Prevelle injections even if I think I have deeper wrinkles?

Pre-procedure prep for Prevelle Silk: Aspirin, ibuprofen, and anti-inflammatory drugs like warfarin can cause an increase in post-injection bruising. If you avoid these before treatment, you can ease your recovery period.

On the day of treatment: Go to the appointment with a clean face (no makeup).

What To Expect

Prevelle injections deliver hyaluronic acid into your wrinkles, adding structure to your skin and smoothing out wrinkles. Your skin might be red, swollen and bruised around the injection site.

Who should do it: Prevelle is available from a licensed physician. You'll want to consult a dermatologist who knows the structures of your skin and the most effective and safest ways to inject the dermal filler.

Duration: Treatment of wrinkles with Prevelle Silk takes about 30 minutes.

How Painful Is It?

Prevelle is injected underneath folds and wrinkles with a fine needle. The lidocaine in the mixture takes care of much of the discomfort of having a dermal filler.

Options for anesthesia: Though not necessary, you can ask your physician about using an additional anesthetic to provide further relief from the needle.

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