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Prenatal massage

Body changes during pregnancy require a specialized massage, called a prenatal or pregnancy massage.

I have heard that massage during labor makes it easier and shorter and less painful. is this true?

Drew Gulsrud (Ventura, CA) on Jan 22, 2013
Results vary greatly since every woman is different. It can be very beneficial to keep the mom more relaxed, decrease pain, and even advance the labor in some cases when necessary. I have worked on many women throughout their pregnancies and they have all reported that it has been a great help. Recieving bodywork throughout your pregnancy can help reduce general stress and prepare your body for labor as well. I would recommend trying some therapists that are licensed and certified in prenatal massage and seeing if you can find one that you are comfortable with that is willing to be there for you. You can also find one you like and then ask them if they would be willing to train a family member, friend, or significant other in the techniques you like and some basic pain relief and labor stimulation pressure points. Best of luck, take care! Drew Gulsrud, LMT 888-274-8886 or you can find me on Zeel :)