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This mineral helps our cells conduct electricity—especially critical for muscles and nerves—and keeps our blood pressure low and our bones strong.

What is the best and quickest way to get your high potassium level down?

Kathy Shattler (Owosso, MI) on Nov 8, 2011
Hello! You ask a question not easily answered without a complete nutritional and medical assessment. First, the doctor will usually want to repeat the test. Secondly, the doctor will want to look into WHY your potassium levels are high. High blood potassium may be caused by an insulin deficiency, internal bleeding, medications, kidney problems, adrenal gland disorders and the use of salt substitutes. Registered Dietitians may be ordered to instruct patients on how to follow a low potassium diet. Do not follow such a diet without instructions from your health care provider. This type of diet involves the elimination of caffeine and alcohol. Many fresh fruits and veggies are also high in potassium, such as orange juice, potatoes and green leafy veggies. A low potassium diet is usually combined with medications or other coordinated treatments. I hope this helps to answer your question! Kathy Shattler, MS,RD