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Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers can modify the color, shape, size, and length of your teeth while masking embarrassing smile spoiling setbacks.

How can I tell what I will look like with dental veneers? Can I get a preview?

Christopher Baer (Aurora, CO) on Aug 19, 2011
You can in some dental offices, like mine. We can do what is called a "wax-up" where we model what your new teeth will look like on a dental model. We will also sometimes do composite bonding using our tooth-colored filling material to give you a preview of your new smile. There are also some computer imaging programs that can give you a preview, but we have found these to not be as effective as the "wax-up" or bonding options.
Michael Apa (New York, NY) on Aug 19, 2011
Steven Bader (Newton Centre, MA) on Aug 29, 2011
Excellent question. An experienced cosmetic dentist will absolutely be able to provide you with a photographic simulation that can give you a great idea of your final appearance. It is also a great communication tool to be sure your ideas are similar to the dentist's. It may also be possible to do a wax simulation and a plastic mockup in your mouth depending on the problems the veneers are going to correct. I hope that helps. Best of luck.
Amanda Seay (Mount Pleasant, SC) on Aug 29, 2011
Your dentist may be able to do some photographic imaging to give you an idea of the smile design you have discussed with one another. It is a simple process but not every dentist offers this option. You must understand that the final results will differ from the image and that the image is only a model of what your teeth may look like.