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What are the best exercises to help tighten the post-baby belly bulge?

Bill Ross (Littleton, CO) on Nov 17, 2011
The best exercises to help burn off the post-baby belly bulge are total body workout routines. For example: crunches, reverse crunches, supermans, squats, chest press, lunges and back rows. Cardio should be intervals of fast and slow speeds for at least 30 minutes. Your nutrition should mesh with your goals as well. I can help you with an online fitness and nutrition plan that includes videos and tracking.
Frank DeJesus (Englewood Cliffs, NJ) on Nov 17, 2011
The best exercise to tighten post-baby belly bulge is with a total body workout two to three times a week, working all the major body parts. Make sure to get a release from your doctor.
James Weaver (Milford, CT) on Nov 17, 2011
The one thing that people get confused by is spot training. When you do crunches or any abdominal exercise you are not going to get rid of the fat in that area just because you did those exercises. There are no specific exercises for this. You have to have a prescribed workout that targets your entire body, along with a proper nutrition program. The ab exercises are just a small part of what you should be doing. Just a side note, if you have stretch marks now or from previous pregnancies there is a trick to reduce the stretch marks or get rid of them permanently I can't guarantee permanent results, as those vary by person. This might sound weird but it does work very well. Take Preparation H and rub it on stretchmarks, then wrap the area with plastic wrap. The best time to do this is during your cardio workout and/or your weight training workout.
Spencer Hughes (New York, NY) on Nov 17, 2011
The best way to fight that post-baby belly bulge is to do full-body exercises and exercises that will contract all the muscles of the core. --bicycle crunches, planks (make sure your back is flat!), hanging leg lifts (or knee raises), etc... are some good examples of exercises that can help sculpt your core fully. Make sure to pull that belly button towards your spine and really concentrate on contracting the muscles of the obliques and the abs. --squats (remember to focus on staying tall!), deadlifts, kettlebell exercises, and a variety of TRX suspension drills will all help really shed the unwanted flab and develop a strong core to boot, making them ideal for getting rid of that post-baby problem. Hope this was helpful! Enjoy.
Vicki Vara (Sparta, NJ) on Nov 17, 2011
Planks are an amazing way to tighten the belly bulge. Support yourself on your forearms and hold a plank position as long as you can. To add variety, try tapping both knees to the ground and lifting back up again.
Christina Tyler (Indian Trail, NC) on Nov 17, 2011
Exercising in general will help reduce and tighten any belly bulge. However, a high protein, low fat diet will contribute to a flat belly. Some great core exercises to try are plank holds, crunches, leg lifts and crunches on a decline bench. Keep in mind that belly bulges don't disappear on core exercises alone. A full workout regimen should be put into place along with a nutritional plan.
Bryna Carracino (Los Angeles, CA) on Mar 26, 2012
well first and foremost how's your diet? that plays a huge role in getting rid of that! I have had plenty of post baby clients and we always start there plus I have a 2 year old so I know what it takes to get rid of that extra fat! also what type of cardio are you doing? and weight training you'll need a core based work out with a lot of compound exercises, full body and heavily cardiovscular based. Are you a member of a gym? have a trainer? I would love to help you so please get in touch with me! Best Bryna
Jessica Riley (Coeur D Alene, ID) on Mar 24, 2012
Pilates is a wonderful way to help this area.
Michael Schletter (New York, NY) on Mar 18, 2012
Read my answer to the question regarding flattening the stomach. You can find a link to that on my facebook or twitter page. You can contact me directly with any questions: Facebook: Twitter: @MSchletter Hope this helps! -Michael Schletter NSCA-CPT
Franklin Antoian (Delray Beach, FL) on Dec 10, 2011
The best way to get a flat, tight stomach is to lose weight. Eat the correct number of calories per day to lose weight. Then try any type of ab exercise(s) to get a tighter stomach. Here is a link for free online exercises: As always, see your doctor before begining any exercise.