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Is it possible to reduce a double chin with exercise? How long will it take?

Franklin Antoian (Delray Beach, FL) on Dec 13, 2011
The best way to lose weight (or a double chin) is through a safe diet.
James Weaver (Milford, CT) on Dec 13, 2011
Yes you can reduce a double chin with exercise, but there is no time frame for a double chin to disappear. You have to have the right exercise program designed for you and the right nutrition plan. It will take time and effort. You have to work your whole body in order to lose fat. Spot reducing exercise does not work.
Deborah Caruana (New York, NY) on Dec 13, 2011
Yes! you can very specifically isolate and tone the neck muscles while reaping the benefits of lengthening any possible compression in the cervical spine. Lie flat on your back, lift your knees up into your chest firmly dorsi(towards knees) flex your feet and press them up while lengthening up legs to the sky. Keep knees soft, instead of at full extension. Hands by your hips. Flex them and lift your arms and palms up to the sky. Tuck your chin, lengthening the back of neck (while the jaw stays relaxed) and lift head just an inch off the floor. Breathe and relax while holding this position (which resembles a dead bug) for as long as there is no strain. Gradually build up your time in this pose.
Halle Clarke (New York, NY) on Dec 13, 2011
There are three main reason why someone develops a double chin; age, heredity and excess body fat. If your double chin is because of excess body fat any form of exercise that burns calories may help. You do NOT need to do exercises specifically for your chin, you just need to move! Although this is not clinically substantiated, some believe that fat tends to get stored in places of muscle tension. Try giving yourself gentle massages along the jaw line and side of neck to increase circulation and lymphatic drainage. Check throughout the day if you are holding tension in this area. Hey, you never know!
Kim-Lien Kendall (New York, NY) on Dec 13, 2011
Yes, absolutely. The length of time it takes is more about you. Results depend on how dedicated and vigilant you are, and also what method you choose to employ. It also matters what results you are willing to accept. The key is to choose a type of exercise that you find to be fun so that you are motivated to do it more often.