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Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet (Paleo is short for Paleolithic) is founded on the notion that a healthy diet should only contain foods that humans have been "genetically programmed" to digest since the dawn of time.

Sample Daily Plan For Paleo Diet

About two-thirds of the food consumed in a day should come from vegetables, "good" fats and oils (from nuts and seeds), meat, fish and shellfish. The rest of the daily menu can include eggs (limit to six weekly), fruits and nuts. Remember that dairy is now allowed, nor are wheat-derived carbohydrates.

A typical day might consist of:

Breakfast: Berries with coconut milk or ham and eggs.

Lunch: A leafy green salad with roasted chicken, cherry tomatoes, and an olive oil and lemon juice vinaigrette. Another option might be mussels in a garlic and herb sauce (though you can't soak up the leftover sauce with bread).

Dinner: Dijon salmon, beef goulash or citrus roast chicken with a heaping of vegetables like asparagus, broccoli, Brussels sprouts or roasted carrots.

Snack (choose one): Macadamia nuts, hard boiled egg, beef jerky or paprika pumpkin seeds.


Vegetarians who want to try maintaining a Paleo diet needn't worry about protein deficiencies. While tofu and soy should not be consumed in place of meat and fish, sufficient amounts of protein can be obtained through protein shakes and the following supplements:

  • Vitamin B12 (1 mg per day)
  • Taurine (1 gram per day)
  • Carnosine (800 mg per day)
  • Carnitine (400 mg per day)

Daily calorie consumption: The Paleo Diet doesn't encourage calorie counting. Both men and women should consume a moderate amount of calories based on their metabolism. If you're unsure of how many calories you should be consuming in a day, ask a nutritionist.

Theoretically, the kinds of food permitted while following the Paleo Diet are meant to stifle hunger for long periods of time, ultimately resulting in the consumption of fewer calories. Protein doesn't just fill you up faster; it also keeps you satisfied for longer periods of time, reducing the need for snacking between meals.

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