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Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet (Paleo is short for Paleolithic) is founded on the notion that a healthy diet should only contain foods that humans have been "genetically programmed" to digest since the dawn of time.

What can replace the craving for bread?

Natasha Uspensky (New York, NY) on Dec 20, 2011
Cravings for bread usually arise when carbohydrates are being needlessly limited. Bread is not an unhealthy food! Rather, it is white processed bread and other carbs that cause weight gain. Opt for whole grain bread, pastas made from quinoa, and whole grains like quinoa and brown rice, instead of depriving your body of healthy whole grains, and your cravings should diminish! Also, many cravings are rooted in other deficiencies or health issues. Working with a qualified nutritionist on the root of your cravings will help you eliminate them, if the above changes don't help.
Shantih Coro (Hallandale Beach, FL) on Dec 20, 2011
If you are experiencing cravings of any sort, you probably are not eating an adequate diet. People who gravitate toward bread and sugars in general usually have either a blood sugar deficiency or lack sufficient fat. People who gravitate toward ice creams are not eating enough calcium, and people who crave chips are either on a low fat diet or not eating enough Omega 3. Cravings are signals from your body that encourage you to consume the nutrients you are missing.
Kim Flannagan (Anniston, AL) on Dec 20, 2011
Cravings can result for a number of different reasons, usually indicating an imbalance or the body's need for more nutrients. It can be helpful to keep track of your cravings to see if you can make any connections as to what usually causes them.