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Orthopedic massage

Orthopedic massage is used to treat pain and soft-tissue injuries, emphasizing not only assessment and rehabilitation but prevention as well.

Questions to ask your doctor:

How many sessions will I need to schedule before I start seeing improvements?

What specific stretches and exercises can I do after and in between sessions to accelerate my recovery and prolong the benefits of my orthopedic massage?

Pre-procedure prep for orthopedic massage: When dealing with a soft-tissue injury or any other health or medical concern, it is always a good idea to make an appointment with a medical physician to discuss all treatment options ahead of time.

What To Expect

Orthopedic massage begins with a thorough evaluation and therapeutic assessment that involves manipulation and movement of the affected soft-tissues. The treatment itself draws upon several bodywork techniques, including but not limited to sports massage, trigger point therapy, active and passive movement and myofascial release. Progress is typically monitored post-treatment.

Duration: The number of sessions required will vary based on the client's individual condition or concern. A proper treatment program can be designed and implemented by a licensed massage therapist following the completion of a thorough evaluation process.

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