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Mugwort to the rescue at your body's pressure points.

Can moxibustion help with back pain? How can it help?

Aram Akopyan (Glendale, CA) on Mar 27, 2012
Moxibustion (or Moxa) is helpful with many conditions however it must fit the diagnosis. Pain often is a condition of some other pathology and unless the underlying pathology is identified and addressed properly, the results may not be to your liking and may even exacerbate the condition.
Vanessa McKay (Orangeburg, NY) on Mar 27, 2012
Yes! There are many treatments for back pain. Moxibustion or moxa is especially good for chronic, achey back pain. Moxa increases circulation to accelerate the healing process, it warms muscle tissue and the acupuncture channels, and it stops pain.
Wilton Valerio (New York, NY) on Mar 27, 2012
Moxibustion in my experience is one of the best treatments for back pain. When performed together with acupuncture the relief from back pain or pain in other parts of the body can be felt almost instantly and have a long lasting effect. The herb used in moxibustion (Ai Ye aka Mogwart leaves) has a strong warming effect on the body, so I use it as a more effective version of heat therapy. Durring a moxibustion sessions, the moxa pole/cigar is placed on the needles. This warms the needles allowing the properties of the herb used in moxibustion to travel through the needle to the area of pain.
Lara Aitken (Orlando, FL) on Mar 27, 2012
Moxa can help by bringing heat to the area and into the body.
Richard Ki (Orange, CA) on Mar 27, 2012
Moxibustion can help back pain. Moxibustion work very similar way with Acupuncture treatment. Difference is that there no needle used and it's more to heat therapy. Moxa burns on top of Acupuncture point and by stimulates the nervous system to release chemicals in the muscles, spinal cord, and brain. These chemicals will either change the experience of pain, or they will trigger the release of other chemicals and hormones which influence the body's own internal regulating system.
Stephen Bonzak (Chicago, IL) on Mar 27, 2012
Moxibustion (moxa) is one of the techniques used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). As a technique, it is used to influence the functioning of the acupuncture channels. Most often, moxa is used for back pain that is more of the deficien,t or weak type. If you have pain that occurs after standing for longer periods of time, feels weak or "vulnerable", or has been gradually developing over many years, moxa may be a very important part of your treatment to strengthen the acupuncture channels that run through the back.
Nanci Simari (Eastport, NY) on Mar 27, 2012
Of course! Heat therapy was one of the first applications for moxa back when the needles were made from stone. It attracts the qi and blood to the site where it's used, enabling self-healing.
Daniel Haun (Oceanside, CA) on Mar 27, 2012
Yes, moxibustion can be used for the treatment of all sorts of pain, including abdominal pain, arthritic pain, back pain, digestive pain, menstrual pain, etc. It is particularly effective if that pain is of a cold type (that is a fixed pain that can be sharp or dull and that responds well to heat. On the other hand if there is redness and swelling, then I would advise against using heat of any type. As always, it is best to differentiate the cause of the disease before we start a treatment. If this is the right presentation, I would recommend using the moxa in conjunction with acupuncture as they work beautifully together toward increasing the flow of our energy (chi) and blood. There is an old saying that if the energy (chi) and blood are not flowing, it will result in pain. Thus, to answer the second question, moxa can help increase the flow of chi and blood in a local area, thus resulting in the relief of pain.
Rebecca Vasquez (San Diego, CA) on Mar 27, 2012
It depends on which type of pain your are having, and the root cause. If you have trauma, maybe, maybe not. If you have swelling or redness (signs of inflammation), moxa may not be the best option. If it is a chronic (old) injury, then moxa may be a good treatment. Moxa provides deep penetrating heat to an area to improve circulation. Lack of circulation (stagnation) is the cause for most of pain. There is an old adage that holds true "Where there is stagnation, there is pain. Where there is no stagnation, there is no pain." If you have more questions or would like more info, if you need a reference for a good acupuncturist in your area that you can consult about the benefits or moxa or other options, feel free to email me. Best, Rebecca Vasquez, L.Ac
Ta-Li Chang (La Habra, CA) on Mar 27, 2012
Moxibustion can help with back pain, but not when back pain is accompanied by severe inflammation or skin irritation. There are different ways of using moxa. The moxa can be on the needles or can be held five to seven inches above the working area. Moxibustion will create a sensation of heat on the skin. It increases circulation and relieves muscle spasms. Moxibustion works best when the person has a Qi deficiency or back muscle spasms combined with a sense of cold.
Jeff Hyung Choi (San Juan Capistrano, CA) on Mar 27, 2012
Moxibution treatment is a burning herb(mugwort) on your acupuncture points. Moxibution treatment is helpful for pain relief, especially when pain comes from cold, or "yang" deficiency. The main complaint of patients whose pain comes from cold or yang deficiency is that they get cold easily and always want hot food and drink.
Kexin Bao (Rosemead, CA) on Apr 5, 2012
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