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Mini facelift

The mini facelift focuses on the middle area of the face, and is typically effective at reducing nasolabial folds and jowls.

Mini Facelift Side Effects

Swelling, bruising, pain, and numbness are common side effects. Blood loss is diminished with endoscopic methods, though obviously any partition of human flesh involves some bleeding and scarring. In more serious cases, a hematoma, or blood clot, is formed, which will require additional surgery to remove.

Who shouldn't use it: The procedure affects the mid-region of the face, so those who are looking to reduce crow's feet will not benefit. Patients who smoke will endure a longer recovery. Older patients or patients with excessive skin and fat may need a full facelift to see marked improvement.

Drawbacks: Results are not as dramatic as with full facelifts (though the mini facelift can be paired with brow lifts and/or eyelid surgery).

Recovery Time For Mini Facelift

Patients can typically return to normal activities within seven to 10 days, though swelling and bruising may discolor your skin for three to four weeks.

After care for mini facelift: Bandages are removed in two days. The stitches used to fasten your skin back together are removed in seven days. After a mini facelift, keep your head upright while resting and sleeping.

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