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Microdermabrasion is a mild mechanical exfoliation that removes the top layer of dead skin cells, revealing the fresh, healthy cells beneath.

Will microdermabrasion irritate my sensitive skin?

Jean Dachnowicz (New York, NY) on Aug 21, 2011
This depends on your skin type. What I do with a new client is fully examine the skin under a 100% enlarged mirror, and then test a small area. The machine has a very wide range of low to high suction, and we have an assortment of wands that are scaled fine, medium and coarse. The first time I would use a fine wand and only do light pressure and two passes on the entire face. As the client's skin becomes used to the machine in future visits we can go higher in strength and use stronger exfoliation wands. Sometimes after viewing a client's skin, I will tell them they are not an appropriate candidate for microdermabrasion. I won't treat clients who have very thin skin or who tend to get broken capillaries on their face. I instead perform a facial using a lighter exfoliation by hand rather than machine. After the microderm or facial we always put a calming mask on the client. I usually use one called the Oxygen Post-procedure Mask. This mask increases the skin's consumption of oxygen. It has aloe vera and instantly takes away swelling and redness. I would then use a green tea antioxidant moisturizer with SPF - then the client is ready to go back to work, shopping or a date!
Kris Reddy (West Palm Beach, FL) on Aug 21, 2011
Microdermabrasion may be inappropriate for sensitive skin. You may wish to visit a physician who has a multitude of treatments to treat sensitive skin.
John Obi (Jacksonville, FL) on Aug 21, 2011
Most modern microdermabrasion machines allow for operator control of the force of the application. The force can be adjusted to the patient's skin type and tolerance.
Shohreh Vaziri (Washington, DC) on Nov 8, 2011
it could then again skin needs to be checked in person,
Robert Strimling (Las Vegas, NV) on Oct 23, 2011
Probably will iritate your skin. Yes, you will probably be red afterward. I do not know how long, but maybe only a few minutes to hours. You can have a small test area done.