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Metvix Photodynamic Therapy

While removing cancerous and precancerous cells is serious business, Metvix photodynamic therapy (Metvix PDT) can ease the process and prevent scarring.

Before You Go

A biopsy should be taken to confirm the status of the precancerous or cancerous cells prior to treatment with Metvix.

What To Expect

Metvix PDT is a somewhat lengthy but painless process. A few days before Metvix PDT, the area to be treated is scraped and cleansed of any dead skin cells or surface grime. Then the area to be treated is marked off with silicon and a 1 mm-deep layer of Mevix is applied.

The Metvix cream is allowed to dry for three hours. After the three-hour period, the Metvix is removed and the area of skin is exposed to a special red light. The patient will wear goggles to shield his eyes. Another session will be performed on the same area a week later.

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