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Mesotherapy (lipodissolve)

Mesotherapy, also called Lipodissolve, is billed as a fat-busting alternative to liposuction, but it is not approved by the FDA.

Before You Go

Pre-procedure prep for mesotherapy (lipodissolve): Pre-mesotherapy rules will vary from doctor to doctor. You may be told to avoid caffeine and other stimulating drugs, rigorous exercise for 48 hours, and pain killers that increase your likelihood of bruising, like aspirin and Ibuprofen.

On the day of treatment: Aspirin and ibuprofen can increase your chances of bruising from the injections. If you must take a pain killer, then Tylenol is the least risky to take before this risky and unproven procedure.

What To Expect

The drugs that make up mesotherapy's medical mixture are injected into the skin's meso, or middle, layer - hence the name mesotherapy. The injections are said to dissolve fat pockets that cause cellulite. You may be bruised, sore, or even develop a rash within the first five days of treatment.

Who should do it: Mesotherapy is offered at medical spas, dermatology and plastic surgery offices, but if you're going to let anyone inject you with this mysterious fat buster, patients are highly encouraged to go to a licensed physician for treatment. When researching mesotherapists, make sure to research the physician's training, in addition to what types of devices and medicines they use for the procedure. Failure to find a qualified professional may lead to serious complications during and after the treatment.

Duration: One mesotherapy treatment lasts up to a half hour. If a topical anesthetic is being used beforehand, you'll need 45 minutes to allow the numbing to take effect.

How Painful Is It?

There is minimal pain during the injections because of the use of a local anesthetic. However a burning sensation may be felt after the procedure.

Options for anesthesia: Mesotherapy doesn't require the use of a general anesthetic, though you may opt for a local topical anesthetic to help numb the skin before treatment.

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