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Master Cleanse

The Master Cleanse essentially involves drinking only a spicy lemonade for three weeks to purify the body.

Side Effects & Risks

Fasting for extended periods of time can result in depleted muscle tissue and impair the function of important organs, like the kidney and liver. Many nutritionists have found that the diet can harm the peripheral nervous system too, which is in charge of motor and sensory functions.

Women who are pregnant should not do The Master Cleanse. See a nutritionist, if possible, before starting the diet.

Master Cleanse lovers claim that the diet makes them alert and cheerful and that they do not feel hungry on the diet. This is certainly not a universal sentiment; many Cleansers say they feel hungry all the time.

As with most extreme fasts, weight comes right back after the Cleanse ends. Do not do the Master Cleanse if you are pregnant, nursing, recovering from surgery, or undergoing chemotherapy. Consult a doctor before starting the Cleanse.

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