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What can relieve yoga butt (my hip ligaments are sore)?

Bharat Kalra (Wheaton, IL) on Mar 27, 2012
Stop yoga for a while until you heal. Do not do any forward bends from the waist without bending your knees. Be careful and remember to bend your knees while coming out of bed.
Kevin Franklin (Brandon, FL) on Mar 27, 2012
I'm new to yoga and know nothing about yoga butt. However, I do know ligaments. First, did a doctor tell you that it is a ligament problem? If so, is this a stretch or tear in the ligament? What is the level of severity? These are important questions along with others that must be addressed before moving forward. Massage is recommended for almost every person and situation, but the massage and the modality has to fit the needs of the client.
Doug Werner (Tampa, FL) on Mar 27, 2012
Here is another possibility. After 20 we age, silently. I have taught yoga for years, practice Ayurvedic medicine and have found an Ayurvedic solution to safely and naturally treatment inflammation of the joints and muscles. Our inner matrix-- both bone, collagen and muscle tissues are impacted by oxidative stress and free radical damage. My research in phytopharmacology combined with my practical medical experience in anti-aging confirm that direct anti-oxidants aren't enough. Stretch theory is not enough. We have a natural solution for this and other diseases based on the model of reversing damage by our own internal abilities. The master key is available and can turn on the millions "survival genes" that create healing, raising glutathione and tapping down the inflammation that leads to the very question you are asking about. Follow-up with me, I would like to know how you make out. Doc
Vanessa McKay (Orangeburg, NY) on Mar 27, 2012
I've actually experienced this myself, so I can attest that cupping helps the most. In the mean time, try Epsom salt baths to eliminate the lactic acid in your muscles. (Lactic acid is what makes you feel sore after exercise.)
Ken Elwood (Fostoria, MI) on Mar 27, 2012
Cross fiber friction can help the ligaments. If some ligaments are stretched then some are probably shortened on the opposite side of the pelvis. Myoskeletal alignment would help you.
Wilton Valerio (New York, NY) on Mar 27, 2012
Acupuncture and cupping can help restore circulation to the sore muscle and help breakdown the lactic acid build up which cause soreness after exercising. Massage can also be beneficial.
Michele Lauren (New York, NY) on Mar 27, 2012
I had the same injury when starting out in yoga. A good massage definitely does the trick. And lots of rest! When you get back into the swing of yoga classes, to prevent it happening again, make sure you work each pose from the foundation - so really ground your feet down, then engage your leg muscles and most importantly, firm your outer hips. Also, it is always good to listen to your body - if you start to feel any kind of strain in the muscles, back off a little bit in the pose - for example, a slight bend in the knees during forward bends.
Jacqueline Cole-Wright (Lehigh Acres, FL) on Mar 27, 2012
I can't speak to acupuncture or Reiki. Aromatherapy massage using a customized blend done regularly may benefit you. This will help reduce your soreness and help enhance your muscle tone further.
Christine Gross (Grand Rapids, MI) on Mar 27, 2012
Massage can definitely help. Heat will also help relieve the soreness. Rest helps with the overstretched ligaments. Elevate your legs as much as possible.
Brian Wah (Herndon, VA) on Mar 27, 2012
Shiatsu or acupuncture would work.
Carin Piacente (Putnam Valley, NY) on Mar 27, 2012
Have you recently increased your routine with yoga? Massage will help with the soreness. Make sure when you get a massage that the therapist stretches your hips as well.
Ta-Li Chang (La Habra, CA) on Mar 27, 2012
When ligaments are injured, they can take a long time to heal. Acupuncture can decrease the inflammation and ease the pain. Massage can help release muscle tension. You are an active person, which means you will have strong muscles. When muscles are strong it will over power the weaker part of the body and cause injury, or make the injury worse. what I would suggest is that you start by finding someone who is qualified/capable of finding the muscles that's making the ligments worse and release those muscles/tendons/ligaments. At the same time have acupuncture treatment to relief the inflammation and to ease the pain. Therefore you will heal faster.
Mark Carlson (Costa Mesa, CA) on Mar 27, 2012
Try hot stone massage therapy, PNF and ART.
Deborah Gilmore (Golden, CO) on Mar 27, 2012
Eating raw fruit and veggies will help the joints and ligaments become more flexible. Keep doing yoga, though you might want to try a different style. Yoga should not be painful.
Tom Chancy (Reno, NV) on Mar 27, 2012
My favorite clients are those with hip flexor and extensor challenges and tight gluteal muscles. A series of stretching sequences and massage on the gluteals and hip areas will help release the pains associated with yoga workouts. MFR (Myofascial Release) or traction stretching at various intervals will help release these problem areas and get your Om charged!
Paula Reeder (Katy, TX) on Mar 27, 2012
Are you talking about anterior ligaments, or posterior? Exactly WHAT are you describing as your hips? (front, back, sides)
Keith Dougherty (, ) on Mar 27, 2012
Once ligaments are stretched, they're stretched! Nutrition to ligaments and tendons is avascular. It thus takes longer to repair them. The key is to stay ahead of the breakdown. Quality massage to the area will speed up the repair and minimize adhesions and potential scar formation that will restrict range of motion. You need to find a therapist who has the experience and is not afraid to work the entire glute and all the deep lateral rotators. Make sure they work medial to lateral. I have numerous clients who suffer from these same syptoms and I've always been able to provide relief with highly detailed work. Let Zeel know if you should need me. Good luck and be well.
Beth Schoon (Hunt Valley, MD) on Mar 27, 2012
The first thing you need to do is rest for up to a week. Ease back into your practice after that. Icing the painful area everyday would also help. Massage therapy is great to relax the tight muscles around the injured area. This will increase the circulation, and help your condition o heal quicker. I would suggest massage once a week for a month. Acupuncture is also great to relieve pain. Hope this helps! Beth Schoon L.Ac., M.Ac., LMT, RYT
James Delgadillo (Memphis, TN) on Mar 27, 2012
Deep tissue massage and trigger point work, combined with both active and passive stretches, can relieve tightness and pain in your hips.
Shari Auth (New York, NY) on Mar 27, 2012
Acupuncture and massage are best.
Julie LaFrano (Breckenridge, CO) on Mar 27, 2012
Ice can help decrease inflammation. If you are hypermobile (extremely flexible), yoga can be dangerous for you if you stretch too far. Focus on building strength around the joint and less on stretching. If you are hypomobile (meaning not flexible) you have to breath into your poses and not overstretch. I would have your massage therapist work on the SI joints and keeping those loose. Have them work on the hip (deep tissue and joint mobilization if the hip muscles are tight). If the hips are hypermobile (meaning too flexible) do resistive corrective exercises to help build up the muscles and tissue around the joint.
Kexin Bao (Rosemead, CA) on Apr 5, 2012
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