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Someone told me that lymphatic drainage can be bad for you if you have some kinds of chronic conditions, like diabetes. Is that true?

Brian Wah (Herndon, VA) on Oct 10, 2014
Depends on the skill level of your practitioner...and of course a doctors consent is required.
Carin Piacente (Putnam Valley, NY) on Oct 10, 2014
no lymphatic massage is not bad for you, esp diabetes.
Terri Hosfeld (Phoenix, AZ) on Oct 10, 2014
Yes that is true. Always tell your therapist all of your issues etc so that they can give you a massage that is approprate for you. Ask your therapist if lymphatic drainage is right for you. Choice an experenced therapist. I hope this helps. Terri L. Hosfeld LMT
Deborah Gilmore (Golden, CO) on Oct 10, 2014
With some conditions yes, it is contraindicated.
Julie LaFrano (Breckenridge, CO) on Oct 10, 2014
You just have to consider everyone individually. When in doubt don't. I personally do not believe that any bodywork is "bad" you just have to be considerate.
Josee Knecht (Memphis, TN) on Oct 10, 2014
No, lymphatic drainage is only contraindicated if someone has had cancer within the past 5 years. People with diabetes and most chronic conditions can have massage. Caution is needed with uncontrolled high blood pressure or use of blood thinners.
Kit Knowles (Portland, OR) on Oct 10, 2014
As long as tissues are healthy and circulation is unimpaired, massage is fine for diabetes. When diabetes is advanced or poorly treated, however, you can experience numbness, cardiovascular problems and/or kidney failure. Under those conditions, circulatory massage (like lymphatic drainage) wouldn't be appropriate.
Mark Carlson (Costa Mesa, CA) on Oct 10, 2014
No. It is actually the best way to increase blood flow to the extremities in diabetics.