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What kind of massage can break up scar tissue from a torn Achilles?

Judie Yim (New York, NY) on Nov 4, 2011
Any scar tissue would benefit from the deep tissue technique of cross fiber friction. The perpendicular motion of friction allows the fiber to realign into same direction as you would roll your fingers across a pile of multi-directional pencils. Repeat and roll would help re-align the multi-directional new collagen scar fibers which have developed over your Achilles tendon tear. Deep effleurage and general circulation strokes will help boost circulation into a region which is continuously challenged by gravity! Since you are way past the 3 month precautionary healing period, stretching/yoga is a must! Heat application and cardio to warm up the body can greatly benefit you at home.
Micah Harris (Marietta, GA) on Nov 4, 2011
To break up old scar tissue, you would need a neuromuscular massage. Keep in mind that this can be painful if the scar tissue has been there for a while.
Mark Carlson (Costa Mesa, CA) on Nov 4, 2011
ART and PNF are the best options.
Shari Auth (New York, NY) on Nov 4, 2011
Yes. Cross fiber friction, myofascial or deep tissue massage by a skilled massage therapist will help. Stretching will also help.
Deborah Gilmore (Golden, CO) on Dec 10, 2011
Scar tissue adhesion removal.
Julie LaFrano (Breckenridge, CO) on Nov 19, 2011
There is ScarTissue Massage out there. Look specifically for that. Myofascial release is also good for scar tissue but has to be done correctly.
James Eslinger (Vancouver, WA) on Nov 5, 2011
you will need to some deep tissue , specifically cross fiber friction. to help break up the scar tissue. I also like to use guasha with scar tissue and adhesion.