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Do I need a license to practice Reiki in Virginia ?

Julie Glassco (Saint Clair Shores, MI) on Apr 24, 2012
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In most states you do not need a license or certification to practice Reiki. It is under review by some state boards at this time. However, I do know that certain employers require that you go through their Reiki training to be considered. For example, in a hospital setting, your previous Reiki certifications are not "recognized" and you must go through their education program.
Deborah Gilmore (Golden, CO) on Apr 24, 2012
Not sure, but you can obtain the right to lay hands on people through the Universal Life Church in California. That should take care of it.
Richard Jones (Nampa, ID) on Apr 24, 2012
Most places do not recognize energy work as needing a special license. However most places do require a general business license and/or an independent contractors license, plus all the required forms and payments for said license(s).
Christina Fries (Mesa, AZ) on Apr 24, 2012
you need a license to practice any sort of massage anywhere in the US especially if you are charging. (obviously its not like illegal to give your friend a massage) but to advertise yourself as a reiki master or someone who claims to know what they are doing yes you do need a license because you will need liability insurance bc reiki can be dangerous and if you hurt someone they can sue
Steven Lowe (Phoenix, AZ) on Apr 24, 2012
I do not believe so. Most states require licensure only if the client gets fully disrobed and facia/muscles are being manipulated below the dermis. Reiki is practiced on fully-clothed clients, only involves the laying on of hands, and is considered energy work, Most states do not regulate Reiki practitioners.
Carin Piacente (Putnam Valley, NY) on Apr 24, 2012
I do not believe so. You can always Google state requirements for practicing Reiki in Virgina.
MaryAnn Sumaraga (Modesto, CA) on Apr 24, 2012
Check with your state government.
Jagdish Jindal (Houston, TX) on Apr 24, 2012
Talk to the local health department of Virginia.