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Macrobiotic Diet

From the Greek for "great life," macrobiotic dieters believe that the key to a long, healthy life is a balanced diet.

Foods Encouraged In Macrobiotic Diet

A macrobiotic diet includes whole grains, fresh fish, legumes, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Only in-season vegetables should be eaten. Fruit should be eaten sparingly, if at all. (The lower the sugar content of the fruit, the better it is - so, for example, mango should be avoided, while apples are better.)

Protein is obtained through fish, soy and beans. The consumption of kukicha twig tea (a Japanese blend of twigs, stems and stalks) is encouraged both during and between meals.

Foods To Avoid

Macrobiotic diets prohibit red meat, dairy, white flour, poultry, eggs, caffeine, coffee, all alcohol, and any products containing refined sugars—which basically pertains to any processed, fast and junk foods.

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