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Lumineers can be used to fix cosmetic dental imperfections like stains, discolorations and chipped or misaligned teeth.

I have really crooked teeth. Can they be fixed with Lumineers ?

Ramin Tabib (New York, NY) on Sep 26, 2011
Lumineers are meant for very simple cases of cosmetic corrections. Basically, with Lumineers, there is no re-shaping of teeth, or very minimal re-shaping at best. However, porcelain veneers that are sculpted by a ceramist are more realistic in appearance and can correct numerous cosmetic dental challenges, such as crowding of teeth or “crooked teeth”. Correction of crowding with veneers is a complex makeover and needs to be done by a skilled cosmetic dentist that has successfully accomplished amazing makeovers. What is the best way to know if you are seeing the right cosmetic dentist to fix your crooked teeth? Ask to see a portfolio of cases similar to yours and see if you can speak to some of the clients that had similar conditions corrected.
Christopher Baer (Aurora, CO) on Sep 26, 2011
It all depends on how crooked they are. My recommendation would be to spend the money on braces or Invisalign to get this fixed. Why aggressively cut on teeth which could doom them to root canals and possibly weaken the teeth when you could just fix them with braces? Your money would likely be better spent with braces-- especially if you like your teeth and just don't like how crooked they are.
Amanda Seay (Mount Pleasant, SC) on Sep 26, 2011
Lumineers are just a brand name for a type of thin porcelain veneer. Any talented lab technician can fabricate the a thin veneer as well. Many people with mildy misaligned teeth can have veneers to change the appearance of the misalignment. Veneers should never be done to correct severely crooked teeth or misaligned bites(malocclusion). In those extreme cases the patient would benefit from some limited orthodontics first and then have veneers done. This will conserve the amount of tooth reduction that is necessary and give you a more ideal bite.
Leonard Tau (Philadelphia, PA) on Oct 23, 2011
This is difficult to answer without photos but in most cases veneers or lumineers cannot correct teeth that are very crowded. I would consider orthodontics to correct the crowding.