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Lumineers can be used to fix cosmetic dental imperfections like stains, discolorations and chipped or misaligned teeth.

Can lumineers be used if you have bone loss, or if the dentist recommends gum surgery?

David Bloom (Salem, NH) on Nov 14, 2011
I can not say definitively without a full evaluation but with my perio patients (where gums and bone are compromised) i would only do restorative work (such as veneers or crowns) when working in conjunction with a periodontist. So Lumineers (which are a brand of no-prep veneer) are not ideal for patients with periodontal issues. The no-prep veneers are best on teeth that have strong bone but aesthetically unattractive.
Christopher Baer (Aurora, CO) on Nov 14, 2011
If you have bone loss and/or need gum surgery, then there may be some other issues which need to be addressed prior to veneers. Remember that "Lumineers" are just a type of veneer. Do not get hung up on the name of the veneer or the type. Discuss this with your treating doctor to determine the best type of veneer to give you the cosmetic result you desire. You may be a better candidate for a different type of veneer or possibly require different treatment depending on your particular clinical situation.
LaSaundra Estelle (New York, NY) on Nov 14, 2011
Lumineers can only change the size, shape, and color of the teeth. If you have a history of gum disease, this should be treated and controlled prior to any dental treatment.
Les Latner (Los Angeles, CA) on Nov 14, 2011
It is hard to answer this question without seeing the particular situation. Lumineers is a brand name for veneers and it is only provided by one company. There are many excellent dental labs around the country that will do a fantastic job on veneers for the doctor and patient. Les Latner, DDS
Dale Trudeau (Del Mar, CA) on Nov 14, 2011
Lumineers can be used on the teeth after gum surgery, but they cannot be used in place of gum surgery. Gum disease affects the part of the tooth you don't see; that is, the part under the gum, in the bone. Lumineers are placed on the part of the tooth above the gum. Treating gum disease by only placing Lumineers would be like trying to fix the rotten foundation of a house by putting up new wallpaper.
Amanda Seay (Mount Pleasant, SC) on Dec 14, 2011
Lumineers are just a brand of very thin porcelain veneers. Any well trained lab technician can fabricate these contact lens thin veneers. The real question is whether you can have any porcelain work if you have bone loss and need gum surgery. That really depends on so many factors. First, if you don't have adequate bone support then you and your dentist need to assess the risk factors if you were to place porcelain on a foundation at risk. If you need gum surgery then that should really be done before any restorative work to allow for proper healing and determine how the gum tissue can affect the aesthetics of your case. Understanding these factors are the main issue. Your dentist can really put porcelain on almost anything you want but your individual risk factors and overall prognosis must be discussed before you make this decision.
Michael Apa (New York, NY) on Dec 2, 2011
they can, but i dont recommend lumineers to any of my patients. lumineer is a brand, and not a good one either. they are not as custom as a good lab doing a veneer. when you have periodontal conditions, you really want to be careful that the veneer or lumineer is done well and by a dentist who makes sure that the area is cleansible and wont cause further gum irritation or inflammation.
Inna Shimanovsky (Oregon City, OR) on Nov 19, 2011
Sure Lumineers can be done. However, I would recommend to treat your gum disease first before doing cosmetics for better results.