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LHA peel

LHA peels remove a thin layer of surface skin.

LHA Peel Side Effects

Your skin may become red and irritated while it peels. The stinging sensation feels very much like a sunburn.

Who shouldn't use it: Chemical peels are considered unsafe for women who are pregnant or nursing. Patients who have received other chemical peels within one year of treatment may be disqualified.

Drawbacks: The LHA is not a quick fix. Improvements to the skin are slight and gradual. You must wait two weeks and consult with a dermatologist before your first LHA peel.

Recovery Time For LHA Peel

Skin begins flaking off two to five days after treatment. Your skin will be white and flaky for about three days.

After care for LHA peel: Don't use skin products like moisturizers or makeup until the day after treatment. Even then, your skin may better tolerate mineral-based makeup.

Continue to use the specialized prescription cream, gel, and serum twice a day in between each LHA peel. The only time you should ignore them is during the three days following a treatment. Let your skin rest and peel naturally during this time (that means no picking, no matter how tempting it may be).

Sunscreen is also vital after an LHA peel. The chemicals make your skin ultra-sensitive to the sun, putting you at risk for sunburn--not to mention further skin damage. SPF 30 (at least!) is recommended for a minimum of two weeks after your last session.

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