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LED skin treatment

LEDS are nonlaser systems that penetrate the skin with low-intensity light energy.

By Zeel Editorial Staff, Last updated: April 19, 2018

You've probably already noticed light emitting diodes (LEDs) illuminating your car's dashboard, but LEDs have an important role in cosmetics too. LEDs are a good treatment for acne and pigment problems. They are nonlaser systems that penetrate the skin with low-intensity light energy.

LEDs are non-ablative, meaning they leave the surface of the skin unharmed while increasing collagen production in the underlying tissues. The result is thicker, smoother, and more evenly-toned skin. LEDs are often combined with a photosensitizing drug to enhance the strength of the light energy.

Popular LEDs on the market are the GentleWaves, LumiPhase-R, and Omnilux systems, each which projects a different spectrum of light and different wavelengths beneath the skin. Some systems deliver the light in constant streams; while others deliver it in fragmented pulses.

What It's Good For

LEDs decrease acne inflammation and treat photoaged skin. Repeated treatments can reduce periorbital wrinkles and dark spots, smoothing the skin's texture.

LEDs may also help wounds heal quicker than they would alone, reduce wrinkles, and address medical conditions like psoriasis and certain symptoms of rosacea.

Who it works for: LED therapy can be used by anyone to address mild skin flaws like acne and uneven skin. Advanced conditions, like deep wrinkles and severe acne, may require a more aggressive device.

Recommended age range: The gentle nature of LED systems make them fine to use at any age.

When will I see results?: Improvements in your skin tone may be noticeable after three weeks. Four to five monthly treatments can help to rebuild collagen and enhance skin quality.

How long it lasts: LED therapy may be able to manage your acne breakouts temporarily, but no skin treatments defy age indefinitely. As you age, wrinkles and lines may continue to appear.

Key benefits of LED skin treatment: When compared to laser therapy, LEDs are painless, quick, and safe for all skin types.

Licensed uses: There are numerous FDA-approved LEDs, most approved for overall skin rejuvenation.

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