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Latisse is the only available FDA-approved treatment to grow eyelashes.

Who shouldn't use it: Stopping treatment will result in the eventual loss of any eyelash growth. Inconsistent lash length, thickness, fullness, pigmentation, and direction can occur. Conditions such as an itching sensation in or around the eye, eye irritation, dryness, or redness are also possible risks. Latisse is only intended for the upper eyelashes and should not be used on the lower lashline. Hair growth on, and temporary or permanent darkening of, the surrounding skin can also occur if the solution comes in contact with an exposed area. One of the rarest side effects is the potential for the permanent darkening of the iris of light eyes (which can occur if the solution enters the eye.) This is most common with blue or green irises with brown flecks.

After care for Latisse: One way to avoid negative side effects is to blot the skin around the treated area with a tissue to clear away excess liquid. Surrounding the lash line with a barrier of Vaseline also helps. Latisse acolytes should dispose of both applicator wands after application to prevent accidental reuse.

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