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Laser teeth whitening

Laser teeth whitening uses lasers to activate hydrogen peroxide that bleaches teeth.

By Zeel Editorial Staff, Last updated: April 19, 2018

Teeth may start out white, but they don't always stay that way forever. Years of daily abuse and wear can turn teeth yellow, beige, or gray. Laser teeth whitening can help reverse this discoloration and lighten your teeth significantly.

Laser whitening is a process by which your teeth are chemically lightened using light-activated hydrogen peroxide.

What It's Good For

Various social habits, like indulging in a nightly glass of red wine, can rob your teeth of their pearly white glow. But what you might not know is that certain antibiotics (mainly tetracycline for the 45 to 50 age group), medications, and even genetics may also tint your teeth. Laser teeth whitening lightens discolored teeth by removing these stains.

Who it works for: Laser teeth whitening can successfully whiten discolored teeth, though the degree of lightening may vary from person to person.

Recommended age range: Laser tooth whitening shouldn't be performed on individuals under the age of 16.

When will I see results?: Results are immediate.

How long it lasts: The results can last six months to a year - if you avoid the things that discolored your teeth in the first place.

Key benefits of laser teeth whitening: Laser tooth whitening can brighten your smile after a single procedure.

Did you know?: There is no major difference in response to laser tooth whitening between male and female subjects.

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