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KTP lasers

KTP lasers are a valuable tool for removing superficial blood vessels like facial telangiectasia.

KTP Lasers Side Effects

In rare instances, a blister may form on the treated skin. Skin blistering is more likely to occur if the KTP is used on a dark or tan skin patient. (If a blister does form, don't pop it!)

Who shouldn't use it: Treatment with a KTP laser should not be performed on tanned or dark skin types (Fitzpatrick types IV to VI) Melanin absorbs KTP laser energy, which puts individuals who are a Fitzpatrick type IV to VI at risk of physical and cosmetic injury, as they have more melanin in their skin.

Drawbacks: This laser's lack of penetration makes it a poor mode of treatment for vascular lesions lodged deeply under the skin.

Recovery Time For KTP Lasers

There is no significant recovery period after treatment with a KTP laser. Because your skin might appear red for a few hours, consider taking a long lunch.

After care for KTP lasers: Many physicians instruct their patients to avoid makeup for at least six hours after treatment - sometimes longer. Avoid sun exposure as much as possible, and wear sunscreen while outdoors.

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