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Juvederm is one of the most popular hyaluronic-acid based facial fillers.

Juvederm Side Effects

Side effects can include redness, swelling, lumps, bumps, and bruising. Juvederm placed too close to the skin's surface can reflect blue. Overinjecting the vermilion border of your lips can create fat, shapeless lips - this look is nicknamed the "trout pout."

Who shouldn't use it: Juvederm should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Drawbacks: Anecdotally, Juvederm tends to attract more water and plump up past its injection time. This isn't necessarily a problem if the goal is full lips, for example, but it can pose complications in more delicate areas of the face, such as under the eye. A filler that tends to swell less may be preferable.

Recovery Time For Juvederm

Swelling and bruising should disappear on their own within seven days. Tenderness and itching can persist for three to seven days, but should abate on its own.

After care for Juvederm: Strenuous exercise, alcoholic beverages, and extended exposure to sun or heat should be avoided for twenty-four hours after Juvederm.

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