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Japanese Hair Straightening

Japanese hair straightening, also called thermal reconditioning, is a method of transforming even the curliest locks into pin-straight hair.

Before You Go

First of all, clear your day! Japanese hair straightening takes a long time. If possible, show up without styling products in your hair. Make sure to take an umbrella and a hair covering if there is any chance of rain.

If this is your first thermal reconditioning session, make sure to schedule a consultation with your stylist to assess whether you are a good candidate for the treatment.

After care for Japanese Hair Straightening: You will be directed not to wash, bend or tie back your hair for 72 hours following the procedure. If you do get your hair wet during this time period, immediately blow dry and iron the affected hair. Avoid chlorinated or salt water for two weeks after the procedure.

What To Expect

During a Japanese hair straightening treatment, the hair is first washed to remove any styling products. It is then coated with the Japanese straightening chemicals. Then it is washed again and blown out. Next is the most time-consuming part. Every single strand of hair is flat-ironed stick-straight, and sometimes double-ironed, a quarter of an inch at a time.

After this ironing process has been completed, the hair is then doused in a chemical neutralizer. Finally, the hair is once again washed, blown dry and flat-ironed. The entire process can take from three hours up to eight hours for particularly long and thick hair. After treatment, hair will remain ultra-straight.