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Isolaz is a non-invasive treatment for acne and rosacea.

Isolaz Side Effects

The skin may be flushed for a few hours after treatment.

Who shouldn't use it: Intense pulsed light can be dangerous for patients who have active cold sores or skin infections on or near the treatment site. Isolaz can also be risky for patients with a history of keloid scarring.

Drawbacks: Isolaz is not a cure for acne; it is a treatment that, if successful, can reduce breakouts in the short term. Several treatments are required to produce results, and once treatments end, acne can return.

Recovery Time For Isolaz

None. You'll be able to get back to your day as soon as you pay the bill.

After care for Isolaz: It's fine to shave or moisturize treated skin directly after treatment. Continue to practice good skin maintenance. Your doctor may also recommend using an oral or topical acne-fighting antibiotic during Isolaz treatment.

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