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IPL vascular treatments

IPL - intense pulsed light - is one of the few treatments that reliably reduces the appearance of rosacea, broken blood vessels, facial spider veins, and skin redness.

IPL Vascular Treatments Side Effects

IPL may not cause surface level skin damage, but the treatment can leave your skin pinkish and sore. In rare instances, over-absorption of light energy can lead to blistering.

Who shouldn't use it: IPL is not always ideal for people with dark or tanned skin because it may cause uneven pigmentation, however these devices can be adjusted to treat a Fitzpatrick type IV or V complexion.

Drawbacks: IPL can discolor recently tanned skin. Veins may also darken before lightening, an effect that makes them temporarily more obvious.

Recovery Time For IPL Vascular Treatments

There is no recovery period. IPL doesn't affect the surface of your skin, so you'll be able to resume your day immediately.

After care for IPL vascular treatments: Wear sunscreen religiously after IPL treatments.

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