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IPL laser hair removal

IPL (intense pulsed light) is a useful tool for managing unwanted hair growth.

IPL Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

IPL can result in "striping" of the skin - small bumpy areas. Striping most commonly occurs on the chest and legs. In about 10 percent of cases, the skin absorbs too much light and blisters. The procedure can also cause hyper- or hypopigmentation, usually in patients with darker skin. (Fitzpatrick types IV, V and VI)

Who shouldn't use it: IPL should not be used on dark or tan skin, because the light energy can unevenly pigment the skin. If you're afraid of how your skin will react, treat a test patch first to determine how you will respond.

Insulin-dependent diabetics should not undergo IPL treatment due to the increased danger of infection. Pregnant women should not get IPL, as hormonal changes make it more likely for skin to become discolored from the procedure.

Drawbacks: IPL is minimally effective on light-colored hair.

Recovery Time For IPL Laser Hair Removal

IPL treatments are known as a "lunchtime" procedure - there's no downtime afterward.

After care for IPL laser hair removal: Sunscreen is a must after IPL treatments.

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