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Invisalign is a method of straightening crooked teeth without visible braces.

How long is the average Invisalign treatment?

Elisa Mello (New York, NY) on Sep 28, 2011
On average, Invisalign treatment will take 12 to 14 months
Kamini Talati (Port Saint Lucie, FL) on Sep 28, 2011
Average orthodontic treatment takes 3 to 5 years.
Christopher Baer (Aurora, CO) on Sep 28, 2011
There is no "Average Invisalign treatment time" Treatment time is based on the individuals treatment needs and how much tooth movement is required. Simple cases which require limited movement can usually be completed in 6-9 months. More complex cases can take 1-2 years.
Irena Vaksman (San Francisco, CA) on Sep 28, 2011
Invisalign treatment can range anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. But, it ultimately depends on the type of case it is. If minor movement is involved, that will usually average less than a year.
Steven Bader (Newton Centre, MA) on Sep 28, 2011
If there was such a thing as an "average" case, this would be an easier question. Many Invisalign cases run from 12 - 18 months. Look for an experienced Invisalign provider - specifically a "Preferred Provider" is one who has completed more cases than "average"! I hope that helps. Best of luck.
Aziza Askari (Farmington Hills, MI) on Sep 28, 2011
Treatment time for any dental procedure depends on the specifics of a patient’s case, but generally, Invisalign clear braces take 9-18 moths. Patients must comply by wearing aligners as directed and coming to Dr. Askari’s office, Comfort Dental Spa, in Farmington Hills, MI, for progress checkups.
Amanda Seay (Mount Pleasant, SC) on Sep 28, 2011
Invisalign, like braces, can vary in length of treatment and take as little as 6 months and as long as 2 years. It really depends on the amount of movement and the individual circumstance.
Michael Apa (New York, NY) on Sep 28, 2011
it depends on the amount of movement necessary. it can take from 3 months for minor movement to over a year for more advanced movements.
Brian Gray (Washington, DC) on Sep 28, 2011
About a year. Treatment times will vary with each patient, their goals, and the complexity of the case. It takes the same amount of time as regular braces in many cases.
Leonard Tau (Philadelphia, PA) on Sep 28, 2011
Answering this question can be difficult because every patient is different. Most cases can take anywhere from nine months to 18 months.
Ramin Tabib (New York, NY) on Oct 25, 2011
On average, Invisalign treatment will take 12-14 months