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Hair, Vein & Spot Removal

There are a variety of effective treatments for removing hair, tattoos, birthmarks, veins, and other unwanted marks on the skin.

Does cryotherapy entirely remove brown and red spots on the face due to seborrhoic dermatitis?

Robert Strimling (Las Vegas, NV) on Sep 22, 2011
Cryotherapy can remove most surface brown spots, such as freckles or lentigines, but not nevi. You should always make sure you obtain an expert opinion from a dermatologist as to the type of brown spots you have before having any treatments. Melanoma skin cancer is a deadly "brown or black spot" if not caught early and needs to be excised. Likewise, whether or not cryosurgery is effective for red spots depends on the type of the red spot. An inflamed seborrheic keratosis will be red and is treatable with cryosurgery. Other red spots, such as angiomas or other benign vascular tumors or growths, are usually not best treated with cryosurgery. Best to see a dermatologist, get a proper diagnosis and follow his or her advice.