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Hair Removal

Laser hair removal, waxing and other hair removal treatments.

By Zeel Editorial Staff, Last updated: April 19, 2018

Hair removal is one of the most popular treatments for the skin. Unwanted hair can pop up almost anywhere on the body, save perhaps the soles of the feet. Women are especially prone to seek out hair removal. Men tend to be hairier because they produce higher levels of androgens than women. When these levels increase in women, the physically harmless, albeit slightly embarrassing, hair condition can be triggered around the upper lip, chin, chest, belly, and back.

Hair Removal Laser hair removal, waxing and other hair removal treatments.
Treatment Description Cost
Electrolysis Electrolysis can accomplish what tweezing, waxing, and bleaching can't - the permanent removal of the shadow above your lip or your caterpillar brows. Hair removal is much like a game of...more Electrolysis costs between $50 and $200 a session. The longer the session, the more you will...more
Laser hair removal Zap! Your hair's gone. Sounds like a dream, and indeed, laser hair removal can be a very effective method of semi-permanent hair removal. Lasers deliver intense heat to individual hair...more Laser hair removal is priced by the size of the area treated. Widespread fuzz eradication...more
Waxing Waxing is a temporary way to remove hair from the body with the use of wax, which adheres to body hair. The wax is forcibly removed, tearing hair out at the root. Cost is often based on the reputation of the venue. For a small area of hair like the upper...more

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