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Hair highlights

If you’re looking for a little more pizzazz in your tresses, or perhaps seeking to cover up the first incursions of gray hair, highlights may be your first and best option.

Pre-treatment prep for Hair highlights: If possible, show up to your appointment with clean hair. It will help your stylist if you bring photos of highlights that you like.

After care for Hair highlights: Make sure to use sulfate-free shampoos, conditioners and styling products to maintain the integrity of your highlights.

What To Expect

During a typical highlights session, your hair will first be washed. The stylist will then ask you about your current hair color and condition and discuss your goals for your highlights. If your hair is graying or already chemically treated (relaxed, previously dyed and so on), make sure to tell your stylist.

Generally, you will be asked to choose between half or full highlights. Half highlights are, as you might guess, only applied to about half the head. They can be used to cover individual streaks of gray, to frame the face, or to cover growth at the roots. Full highlights are applied all over the head and give a more dramatic effect.

Highlights are applied to either wet or dry hair, depending on the method followed by the stylist. After the dye chemicals are applied, your stylist will allow you to wait while the chemicals take effect. Afterward, the dye is washed out and a toner is applied, which neutralizes any remaining chemicals and helps blend the color. The entire process takes about two to three hours.

Highlights on your hair can cost as little at $50 or more than $400, depending on the skill level of the stylist, how the highlights are applied and whether you opt for a half or full head of highlights.