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GYROTONIC® is an aerobic activity that uses resistance training to condition the body.

By Zeel Editorial Staff, Last updated: August 15, 2012

Gyrotonic exercise method is an aerobic activity that uses resistance training to condition the body. The Gyrotonic workout is inspired by a mixture of practices, from yoga and tai chi, to gymnastics and swimming. The movements are completed using a seven food tall "Pulley Tower Unit," a system of cables and pulleys that add resistance to each movement without impacting the bones and joints.

Participants are encouraged to utilize a breathing technique that emphasizes fluidity and consistency. Props used during some Gyrotonic classes include the Gyrotonic pulley combination unit, a leg extension unit, the jumping stretch board, which is similar to the Pilates reformer, the Gyrotoner® and an archway. (The archway resembles a ladder bent into a semicircle.)

Benefits of GYROTONIC®: Gyrotonic exercises create strength and length in the body without placing pressure on the joints. The exercises can be rehabilitative, though they can also improve athletic performance in other forms of physical activity. Gyrotonic is particularly strategic for golfers, since it can improve the body's range of motion.

Who GYROTONIC® is best for: Gyrotonic exercises are suitable for individuals who have been previously injured or who have bone and joint problems. It's also applicable to those with arthritis, tendinitis, spinal problems, foot injury, hand injury, and neck, shoulder, and lower back pain.

Of course, the injury-free can benefit tremendously as well. Dancers and athletes can enhance their performance with the addition of Gyrotonic training.

Getting ready: Gyrotonic exercises are designed specifically to warm up the lower back. Move the spine through a series of twists and turns that can loosen the vertebrae. Many of the warm up exercises take the form of Gyrokinesis methodology, which is a mat based version of the Gyrotonic workout.

Wear fitted, comfortable clothing that will not get in the way of any movements. Ladies tend to prefer leggings.

Calories burned: Gyrotonic exercises are not primarily intended to burn calories. Rather, the continuous flow of movement provides cardiovascular and aerobic stimulation, resulting in improved athletic performance and a more efficient metabolism.

Celebrity Devotees

Professional golfer Tiger Woods uses Gyrotonic equipment to enhance his swing. Shaquille O'Neal also endorses the exercises. Other reported celebrity fans include Madonna, Liv Tyler, Teri Hatcher, Kim Cattrall and Julianne Moore.


Muscle strain or injury can result from inadequate preparation prior to working out.

Who shouldn't do it: Individuals with severe bone density problems may be unfit for Gyrotonic workouts. Women who are pregnant may also be advised to skip some of the exercises performed on the Gyrotonic Pulley Tower Unit, since movements require a full range of motion. (During pregnancy, Gyrokinesis exercises may be a better option.) However, a specific pre- and post-natal program has been developed to cater to women both during and after their pregnancy.

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